Tonsil stones – how to remove them?

Kidney is not the only organ of human body where stones can be formed. These can also be present in your throat termed as tonsils. They are tissue filled those gland-like structures, which forms at the back of your throat and contain lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are cells to protect your throat from infections and germs. But in most of the cases, tonsils do not perform their duty well and turned out to be a syndrome. Its main symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, talking and high level of pain in back of throat.

There are various methods to get rid of tonsil stones. You can get a proper treatment by a doctor or cure it by self medication or natural remedies. Mainly the treatment is always adopted after checking the size of the tonsil and its capacity to cause any sort of medical harm or discomfort to patient. There are few tonsil stones which are asymptomatic, so they do not need any type of treatment as they are not at all harmful for human health.

Sometimes, it is practiced by people to eliminate tonsils at home with the help of pick or swab. For that you need a mirror, cotton, flash light and water. First of all, drip the cotton in water and moisture it properly. Make sure it should not be dripping wet. Next step is to hold your flash light and come in front of the mirror. Then open you mouth as wide as you can and flounce each tonsil cellar with it. Be careful not to push the stones much farther away into your crypts. Once you are successfully done with it, rinse your mouth with an oxygenating mouthwash and clear it free from all stones.

Another very effective method to remove these stones is the use of oral irrigator. Fill its tank with lukewarm water and set it to the lowest setting. Now to wipe out all the stones, wet your tonsil cellars with the liquid that thud from your oral irrigator. Finally, use a mouthwash for refreshing and cleaning purposes, once you satisfactorily wipe away all the stones. Another natural cure to remove tonsils is gargling with warm and salty water. It helps alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by tonsilloliths.

If you don’t feel any improvement even after applying above mentioned methods, then next step should be to take antibiotics. But remember it should not be taken without consulting doctor. So, take time from an appropriate specialist and see him as soon as you can. Various antibiotics are used to treat tonsils. For some it can be affected yet cannot go well for others. Most importantly, they are not helpful in determining the major cause of tonsil stones, it just evade the pain and discomfort. Moreover, antibiotics can have their side-effects on patients whereas; natural remedies have ever-lasting impact without any negative effect. Finally, if tonsils in throat become exceedingly symptomatic and large, then surgical treatment is the best way to remove them. After consulting doctor, surgery can be performed to get rid of tonsils and a patient wont need any kind of anesthesia.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa


1 15 ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 cup frozen corn kernels, thawed
? cup chopped red bell pepper
? cup chopped fresh cilantro
3 tablespoon. lime juice
8 small green onions, chopped
2 tablespoon. balsamic vinegar
? teaspoon. ground cumin
1 small green chili, optional – have used crushed red pepper


Mix all well. Refrigerate overnight to let flavors combine.

Why prove things in Z

Z is a standard notation for specifying systems, typically, but not exclusively, software systems (see here). It is based on mathematical notations which gives it two desirable properties. Firstly, it is very precise. It says exactly what it says, there is no room for ambiguity or interpretation. Secondly, it is possible to manipulate a specification, to deduce things which are not immediately apparent but which are implied by the specification and again there is no room for ambiguity or interpretation.

Declutter your life – first step to a minimalist design

So you’ve decided you want to try this minimalism thing out, huh? First things first then: Game plan for getting rid of your junk. For me, this was the exciting part. Going through my cramped 600 square foot apartment and throwing stuff away was quite liberating. The outcome was even more liberating when I realized just how perfect living in 600 square feet can be without all the useless stuff laying around, clogging up my closet, drawers, and counter space. So where do you start?

Preventative Maintenance

I am told this site will be off the air from 4:00 to 8:00 UTC on the 11th of August for preventative maintenance. That’s 14:00 to 18:00 AEST for me and mine.

Many years ago when space travel was very new and very dangerous an article in New Scientist described space as a very benign environment for electronics. The reason given was that there weren’t any technicians running around with soldering irons doing preventative maintenance.

I doubt if technicians doing preventative maintenance have used soldering irons in the last forty years, but I suspect the principle still holds.